Thursday, 2 July 2015

Introducing... Longchamp Le Pliage Néo Handbag

Hi guys!

As I said last night, I'm sharing the latest addition to my handbag collection with you today and she's so beautiful!

It isn't like me at all to go for bright colours but there was something about this clementine that caught my eye.

And I wasn't the only one: the shop assistant said that it had had a similar effect on several shoppers and that they were all just as confused as me as to why they wanted this bright orange bag so much!

Aside from the colour (which goes with a lot more than you would think), I adore Longchamp as a brand. I own one of their classic Le Pliage Nylon handbags and I plan to keep building my collection over the years. I especially love visiting their 404 Rue Saint Honoré store in Paris; it's absolute heaven!

In spite of the fact that it was love at first sight, I went away for a week and thought about whether to buy her or not. This is something I would recommend doing with all purchases, especially ones that aren't your typical type of buy. Try to think of at least three looks you could put together with a high-fashion item and even more for investment pieces. If you can't do it then put the item down, no matter how cute it is, because it either becomes a waste of money or a piece of clutter in your wardrobe that you constantly try to shift on eBay years later (trust me, I know!) That's not to say that I never make impulse buys, because I totally do, but this practice really helps you to make the most out of your existing wardrobe (versatility) and to remain more slick, less spent.

This is the official website photo of the bag:

The colour really pops next to basics and the strap adds to the sporty feel derived from its practicality.

I love all of the silver detailing:

I can't wait to wear it with a t-shirt dress and my Air Max for the ultimate "sports luxe" outfit.

Nor to travel with it...

Enjoy your Thursday evening - it's nearly Friday!!!!!

Jacqueline xx
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