Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Summer Sale Haul

Well, it's that time of year again, sweets - the summer sales! As I've most likely said before, I don't really have the patience for trawling, but if you know what you want then it makes your life a lot easier (as does doing the majority of it online). Here's how I did it:

If you know me at all, you won't be surprised that this was my first port of call. I always have my eye on something there so if it's now at a reduced price, it's just common sense to snap it up. Lucky for me, this was the case with the white camisole on the right of the above image. I first spotted it in London a while back on a rail next to a black, leather skirt and a white, mesh bomber. I instantly loved the merchandising and knew I could add it to my wardrobe to pair with similar pieces. Truth be told, I don't know why I didn't buy it but I've got it now in the sale so maybe patience really is a virtue!

Also from Zara, I picked up the off-the-shoulder frilled top in the top left of the above image. At the time, I was wearing some blush pink cigarette pants which really complimented the ditsy floral print on it so that pretty much sealed the deal. Aside from that, I have actually been looking for a printed top with smaller flowers on so why not get one on the sale?

TOP TIP: Know what you want and go get it, girl!

Another item I'd been looking for was a long cardigan to throw over summer outfits in an emergency so, again, I turned to the sale. I chose grey as it's nice and neutral.

I also got the white, leather, pointed loafers. I'm going through a shobsession (shoe obsession) at the minute so I may return these before I lose control entirely. However, they do look super cute with blue denim and crisp, white shirts. The back heel part also folds in meaning you can wear them backless or, errm, backed (?) Anyway, read all about the backless shoe trend here.

TOP TIP: Buy key items that will carry you through to next season.

I cannot believe I've finally got my hands on another pair of these shorts because I burnt the original pair they made two years ago on the iron. As a brand, Ivy Revel is luxurious anyway but these shorts in particular are just on another level. They actually didn't go into the first batch of sale stock on the site and I was gutted but waiting a week or so paid off and now they're mine again (mwa ha ha!)

TOP TIP: Keep checking back and back again to see if that one key piece you absolutely love gets added to the sale.

No A Style Is Born haul post is complete without a cheeky ASOS purchase. I've been after a white, summer skirt for a couple of months but I can't quite find what I want. The one pictured above in the middle of the image gives that "wear with ease" vibe I routinely look for in my summer clothing.

TOP TIP: Search the sale for basics as this guarantees you're making a saving.
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