Sunday, 9 October 2016

Nude Set

Sunglasses: Coconut Lane
Bag: Topshop
Trousers: Missguided
Heels: PLT

A bit like a female pant suit, the trouser/off-the-shoulder coordinate instantly gives the impression of a well-put-together look. Whilst you can buy them as a set, I put this together with trousers from Missguided and an ASOS top. It is quite hard to get the shades right if you do it this way but it's so worth it as the textures are slightly different and add depth to the outfit.

These lighter tones show off the style a bit more as opposed to an all-black ensemble. I've just popped on a pair of shoes I already had in the same tonal palette so have a play around with your current shoe-drobe to complete the look. You could also add any accessories from cream through to pink.

My top tip to stand out from the crowd with this look is to search for extra details on either or both of your pieces (like the ruffles on my sleeves) to make it your own!

As usual, my Coconut Lane discount is on offer if you lurrrrrve my sunglasses. 20% off site-wide with my unique discount code*: astyleisborn20 and they've got some cracking, new stock available. By the way, if you ever need this code in a hurry, it's now permanently featured at the bottom of EVERY page of the blog! Cool, huh?

Enjoy the final part of your weekend, chicas!

Jacqueline xx

*By using this code, A Style Is Born will receive commission.

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