Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Blue Vanilla

Last week, I had the great fortune of being invited to the Blue Vanilla Press Breakfast in London's Covent Garden. Hosted by Chase PR, the event was absolutely on point: the venue, the clothes, the canapés...

If you're wondering where you know the 'Blue Vanilla' name from then cast your mind back to the last time you shopped in New Look and you'll get your answer.

Branching out now to join the ever-expanding world of online fast fashion, everything about them screams success. Just take a look at some of these pieces...

I immediately fell in love with these latter three pieces and have since bought the metallic stripe dress and the blanket wrap. The ombré ostrich jacket sold out in my size almost as soon as it landed online so I haven't managed to get that... yet! I'll of course be doing follow-ups to this post with the pieces I bought for you guys so keep your eyes out!

As for the actual quality of the pieces, I can't speak highly enough of the fabrics and materials. Everything just felt like it had come from a well-established, designer brand and you can't fault that type of luxury at Blue Vanilla's price points (prices start from just £8.00.)

But what was I wearing on the day I hear you ask? This denim dress from ASOS is just everything I've wanted and more from a denim dress for a while now. You'll have seen my light blue, summer-time one in past blogposts (here for example) but this darker shade just goes perfectly with all of those gorgeous autumnal shades out there. You'll also remember these Topshop boots from my 'Introducing' post back in August. I knew how popular they'd be for this season so snapped them up early and now I just love styling them.

And here's me in some of the items so you can see how wearable they are:

Huge thanks to the Chase PR girls for inviting me and for hosting such a super sleek morning!

Jacqueline xx

PS: I've linked the pics to pieces that are online now so the ones that aren't linked aren't available yet. I've been assured they're coming soon so I'll update the links as soon as I can.
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