Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Jacket: Blue Vanilla
Turtleneck: ASOS
Gloves; Ralph Lauren
Bag: Michael Kors
Leather skirt: Topshop (old) - similar here
Boots: Topshop

After a blogger breakfast with Blue Vanilla in October (which you can read about here), I came back and ordered a dress and blanket wrap (here). I also returned obsessed with their Enna Ombré Ostrich Jacket but it immediately sold out leaving me heartbroken, naturally.

I tried to buy a similar one from H&M but it just wasn't the same so I returned it and waited for this. Does that ever happen to you guys by the way? I always see a piece I desperately want and when it sells out, I look for something similar, convincing myself it's as good when really it isn't. I never seem to learn that I'm just going to end up returning it and waiting for the original anyway!

Lucky for you guys, if you like this jacket then you don't need to wait as all sizes are in stock on the Blue Vanilla site and I've linked it twice above. It really is great, particularly for me as I wear all three of its colours a lot. It's also very warm without feeling like you're restricted and uncomfortable under several layers.

As usual, I've had a little play around with textures by adding a leather skirt and this works best when you keep the rest of the outfit all one colour.

Hope you've had a great start to week,

Jacqueline xx
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