Sunday, 31 January 2016

Tie It Up

Dress: ASOS
Bag: Michael Kors
Heels: River Island

Ties, knots, twists, whatever you want to call them - look out for them! Hot off the runway, this detail is one to watch next season. You're aiming for the "I threw a jumper round my waist on the way out of the house" look and I'm starting to spot it on other items too like this Missguided skirt, for example, so there's plenty of choice out there.

As for these heels, I've had them for a while now and have just sort of admired them from afar. I don't know why but sometimes I get this semi-anxiety over wanting to style items so perfectly that it just doesn't happen at all. I guess I'm a perfectionist but I'm working on it!

One thing I'd say about the shoes though is to not shy away from multi-coloured ones like these, especially if they're in neutral shades, because they go with a lot more than you'd think. Of course, I've only picked up on one of the colours here and kept the rest of my look natural but they can work with blues and pinks too as they bring this kind of grounding effect to a look. They're also amazing with jeans!

Finally, if you spot the cuts on my legs in this post, please don't be alarmed; I've had a very bad experience with some new boots and I'm sorting it out with the company concerned. I have been quite upset though as I thought I was going to be left with two scarred rings around my ankles and it looked such a mess but they seem to be healing now... fingers crossed the marks will disappear completely!

Have a great start to your week,

Jacqueline xx
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