Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Summer Sale Haul

Well, it's that time of year again, sweets - the summer sales! As I've most likely said before, I don't really have the patience for trawling, but if you know what you want then it makes your life a lot easier (as does doing the majority of it online). Here's how I did it:

If you know me at all, you won't be surprised that this was my first port of call. I always have my eye on something there so if it's now at a reduced price, it's just common sense to snap it up. Lucky for me, this was the case with the white camisole on the right of the above image. I first spotted it in London a while back on a rail next to a black, leather skirt and a white, mesh bomber. I instantly loved the merchandising and knew I could add it to my wardrobe to pair with similar pieces. Truth be told, I don't know why I didn't buy it but I've got it now in the sale so maybe patience really is a virtue!

Also from Zara, I picked up the off-the-shoulder frilled top in the top left of the above image. At the time, I was wearing some blush pink cigarette pants which really complimented the ditsy floral print on it so that pretty much sealed the deal. Aside from that, I have actually been looking for a printed top with smaller flowers on so why not get one on the sale?

TOP TIP: Know what you want and go get it, girl!

Another item I'd been looking for was a long cardigan to throw over summer outfits in an emergency so, again, I turned to the sale. I chose grey as it's nice and neutral.

I also got the white, leather, pointed loafers. I'm going through a shobsession (shoe obsession) at the minute so I may return these before I lose control entirely. However, they do look super cute with blue denim and crisp, white shirts. The back heel part also folds in meaning you can wear them backless or, errm, backed (?) Anyway, read all about the backless shoe trend here.

TOP TIP: Buy key items that will carry you through to next season.

I cannot believe I've finally got my hands on another pair of these shorts because I burnt the original pair they made two years ago on the iron. As a brand, Ivy Revel is luxurious anyway but these shorts in particular are just on another level. They actually didn't go into the first batch of sale stock on the site and I was gutted but waiting a week or so paid off and now they're mine again (mwa ha ha!)

TOP TIP: Keep checking back and back again to see if that one key piece you absolutely love gets added to the sale.

No A Style Is Born haul post is complete without a cheeky ASOS purchase. I've been after a white, summer skirt for a couple of months but I can't quite find what I want. The one pictured above in the middle of the image gives that "wear with ease" vibe I routinely look for in my summer clothing.

TOP TIP: Search the sale for basics as this guarantees you're making a saving.

Sunday, 26 June 2016


Hat: Missguided (sold out) - similar here and here
Choker: ASOS
Necklace: a selection here
Shirt: Mango
Bag: Zara
Jeans: ASOS (sold out)
Boots: c/o Teva

Now it's fair to say these boots aren't my usual style but they've taught me a lesson: comfort and practicality doesn't have to mean a lack of style. Teva has done really well to achieve this balance and I think that makes them fairly unique on the market.

The detailing on the boots really inspired the whole outfit actually; the shape of the heel and the buckles scream western wear so adding a fedora and layering necklaces was essential to getting the overall look on point.

Talking of western wear, I kinda skipped over a big event recently: my blog turned 1 (Yay! Happy Birthday!) and my first ever outfit post was geared around this style (read it here). I guess this look is a classic that will always be around which is why I'd suggest adding a pair of Tevas to your wardrobe.

Jacqueline xx

PS: I'm doing a bit of site maintenance at the minute so if some parts look a bit strange, that's why!


Friday, 3 June 2016

This Month I'm Loving... Backless Shoes

If you haven't seen a celeb in a pair of Gucci backless loafers this season (particularly the furry ones) then I don't know where you've been. Whilst it doesn't sit too comfortably with me that their "personal" styles are admired worldwide when they're all wearing the same thing, the concept of the backless shoe as a different take on the mule is nonetheless a great seasonal update.

When a new style of footwear comes around, I tend to get a black pair so that they can be as versatile as possible but, on this occasion, the pair that drew me in first was the baby blue suede block heel above. They look amazing with all of the black and white I wear, adding a splash of colour as they go. I love this type of shoe with a good workwear trouser or a pair of boyfriend jeans. Equally, I love the contrast of putting them with a summer dress as they are just so structured.

The selection above shows just a little of what is out there and all of them come in at least two colours. Get them here, from left-right, top-bottom:


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dressing Gown

Necklace: a selection here
Jacket: Nelly
Bag: Topshop
Heels: Pretty Little Thing

Do you remember the Friend's episode, "The One with Rachel's New Dress", where she puts on a seductive slip ready for Joshua, only to be mortified when his parents walk in behind him? She makes up some spiel about working in fashion and passes it off as a "real dress" but fast-forward to 2016 and what she had on actually is a real dress.

Underwear as outerwear was an SS16 trend I embraced very early on; I loved its effortless chic, comfortable materials and smooth silhouettes. Of course, it's been a little cool so far this year to enjoy these thinner, lightweight fabrics but now that summer's here, I'm going to show you a few different ways to wear the look.

This first piece comes from Lisa Olsson's collection for Nelly. If you aren't familiar with Lisa, she's a Swedish blogger who simply epitomises the whole boho vibe but doesn't shy away from a good bit of tailoring either. I loved everything in the collection she produced for Nelly's brand 'NLY Trend' but limited myself to buying two pieces: this jacket and a tunic dress which will be featured on here in the coming weeks.

The trick to this look is the silky texture as if it actually were a lounging/dressing gown. You can wear it open, like a conventional jacket, as I did in London, or you wear it purely on its own as a "real dress".

Jacqueline xx

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