Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dressing Gown

Necklace: a selection here
Jacket: Nelly
Bag: Topshop
Heels: Pretty Little Thing

Do you remember the Friend's episode, "The One with Rachel's New Dress", where she puts on a seductive slip ready for Joshua, only to be mortified when his parents walk in behind him? She makes up some spiel about working in fashion and passes it off as a "real dress" but fast-forward to 2016 and what she had on actually is a real dress.

Underwear as outerwear was an SS16 trend I embraced very early on; I loved its effortless chic, comfortable materials and smooth silhouettes. Of course, it's been a little cool so far this year to enjoy these thinner, lightweight fabrics but now that summer's here, I'm going to show you a few different ways to wear the look.

This first piece comes from Lisa Olsson's collection for Nelly. If you aren't familiar with Lisa, she's a Swedish blogger who simply epitomises the whole boho vibe but doesn't shy away from a good bit of tailoring either. I loved everything in the collection she produced for Nelly's brand 'NLY Trend' but limited myself to buying two pieces: this jacket and a tunic dress which will be featured on here in the coming weeks.

The trick to this look is the silky texture as if it actually were a lounging/dressing gown. You can wear it open, like a conventional jacket, as I did in London, or you wear it purely on its own as a "real dress".

Jacqueline xx

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